Why Us

Professional Craftsman


Our bathroom remodel Delaware staff are trained with the latest techniques and equipped with the top of the line tools. The characteristics that we seek when hiring new crew members are someone who is open minded, open to constructive criticism and always willing to continue their education in our field and learn new skills or maybe even alternate ways to accomplish a task that you may have not thought about in the past. We also find it important to seek out individuals who act in a professional manner at all times and a person who we deem to be trust-worthy. We encourage our staff to ask questions, think through their process, and then complete the work as they would want it done in their own home no matter how large or small the project is. We understand that a home renovation, even a small bathroom remodel Delaware, is a big deal to many people and for some families, this is what they have been saving money for, for years so when it is time to make those dreams come true for our customers, we always put our best foot forward and finish the work to the best of our abilities. 




Integrity is at the core of our values and drives us to do the best possible work each and every day for our customers. We are confident in the integrity and quality of the work performed by all of our carpenters and crew members. Whether we are doing a small bathroom remodel Delaware or an entire home renovation, the same level of commitment and attention to detail is applied. 

We guarantee all of our work because we know that the bathroom remodel Delaware and all construction projects that we get the honor to work on are done properly according to state and city guidelines as well as safety regulations and building codes. We pull all necessary permits prior to starting the project so that once we get started, its full steam ahead. 

  1. Colbert does our best to accommodate each client’s schedule and timeline requests to get the job done in a timely manner and keeping the homeowners wishes in mind. We also do our very best to stay within the allotted budget for the bathroom remodel Delaware or whatever other project we are tackling for you. We know that unforeseen complications can arise at any time, we account for that ahead of time in hopes of keeping the cost down to a reasonable amount and then possibly coming in UNDER budget at the end. Communication is key so that you know exactly what is going on during your job and can get answers from us quickly! 



When planning your new kitchen or bathroom remodel Delaware project, finding the perfect design ideas or even just trying to figure out your own design style is an important step in the early stages of the renovation process.

Do you need a small, very well organized kitchen designed for your loft or apartment or are you going for a more traditional style inspired master bathroom, or maybe you have always wanted that immaculate clean, streamlined look of modern kitchen or bathroom. We can provide resources during our bathroom remodel Delaware consultation that can help you find your design style and some solid design ideas to help ease your mind, take it step by step and keep you moving along in your kitchen or bathroom project.  



High Quality Materials 


We are big believers that the quality of craftsmanship in which we perform is greatly determined by the integrity of the materials we use. From bathroom remodel Delaware to kitchen remodeling or even whole home renovations we are extremely strict about the materials and brands we use. We work directly with our clients to pick out the materials and styles they enjoy but will never allow the project to be done with materials we wouldn’t use in our own home. We only use brands that have passed the test of time and are confident that you will get longevity out of your bathroom remodel Delaware because of the quality of materials and craftsmanship performed at your job! 

Unfortunately we have found that a lot of companies will cut corners and costs by using cheap materials. This ends up costing you in the long run as your renovation will not last and may lead to other repairs needing done. We know this is a big investment and we honor that by never cutting corners in any aspect of your project. If you have any questions about the materials or brands we use we would love for you to give us a call so that we can walk you through all the options! 


Background Checks, Licenses, & References! 

Our crew know how important your bathroom remodel Delaware or home renovation is to you and your family and it is equally as important to us. We want to ensure that each of our customers gets the best bang for their buck. We work closely with the homeowner to individualize an experience that works well for all parties involved, from demo to the punch list, we want every detail to be just right

We pride ourselves in not only delivering quality work, staying within the allotted timeline and within the budget, but that we also make sure the mess and dust is as minimal as possible during the renovation while also leaving your house clean at the end of the project as well as taking all necessary health and safety precautions associated with Covid19. Our staff wear masks while working in your home and clean up behind them with proper cleaning procedures.

All of our staff have been through a background check and we also check personal and professional references to make sure these are people we deem to be safe and trustworthy in your home. Our crew are friendly and down to earth while also remaining professional and extremely knowledgeable in their trade. No matter if you are getting your bathroom remodel Delaware done with us or if you are renovating your entire home, you can feel confident that the people coming into your home are individuals you can trust!