About Us


Victor Colbert


Victor Colbert started this company in 1974 and at that time we offered strictly concrete and blacktop services, long before we ever dreamed of doing work such as bathroom remodel Delaware. Vic holds strong beliefs in working hard, practicing safety at all times and building trust within our team as well as with our customers. Over the past 45 years, these values have allowed us to progress and grow and we now offer a wide range of services including now having 2 sub-divisions within the company: Industrial Maintenance and Residential Remodeling.
As the founder of this company, Vic’s dream was to run a business where the staff would be happy to arrive at work each day and take pride in all the work they performed. To this day, almost 5 decades later, we are very happy to continue to promote these incredible work ethics in every project that we take on, from bathroom remodel Delaware to our industrial work we keep integrity at the forefront of everything we do!


Jason Wright


Jason Wright is the man who manages the team! He is our Field Services Manager and co-owner of the company. He has been a part of the V. Colbert team for more than 29 years. Jason started with us in 1992 as a low-level laborer and over the years has worked his way all the way up the ladder to become our fearless leader. Jason has been able to push through many challenges with the business over the past 3 decades to continue to grow the company and move in a positive direction, adding things like bathroom remodel Delaware to our list of services! He has shown bright with his willingness to tackle any challenge and his vision for an incredible company that people want to work for and also a company that leaves each and every customer highly satisfied.
It was Jason’s decision to open our residential division in 2010, focused on bathroom remodel Delaware and kitchen remodels, he started with a very small crew and a very big dream as well as a clear vision of what the future holds for V. Colbert. Being able to deliver high quality bathroom remodel Delaware along with kitchen remodels and even whole home renovations! We make it our top priority to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship and to make sure we leave every customer fully satisfied and because of that, he has been able to continue to grow our company to what we have today which includes a larger crew with new, high quality tools & equipment and the large quantity of customer referrals that we have today.
Jason is happy to continue to meet with customers each day to aid them in bringing their vision alive and deliver a beautiful new kitchen, bathroom remodel Delaware, or basement that is both on schedule and on budget! If you are ready to embark on that home project then give us a call so that Jason can come out and give you a detailed estimate, it is our passion to bring your vision to life!

Why should you work here

We have a genuinely special crew here at V. Colbert! Many of our staff members have been with us over 18 years, with one staff member even approaching their 30th year with our company! The longevity of our staff says it all… this is a great place to work with a stable company that offers the ability to grow and rise in the ranks and the support that you need in order to effectively handle all aspects of the job requirements, from bathroom remodel Delaware to our industrial work. 

We train each employee so that they have the ability to increase their knowledge and skill level in order to properly perform each assigned task. We make sure all staff have the support and the ‘know-how’ to complete their daily tasks on time, on par with expectations and within budget. You’ll have the opportunity to really build your resume and skill set in several different types of constitution. 

  1. Colbert offers each employee paid sick and vacation time along with an option to participate in our retirement plans. We also have a ‘Social Club” that plans our events throughout the year. We believe that you need a work/play balance in life and we enjoy spending time together outside of the fast paced work environment a couple times a year. Whether it’s our family oriented company picnic in the summer or the (adults only) holiday party in the winter, we always make fun new memories at these events. One thing you can count on is between the bathroom remodel Delaware you will be surrounded by people you enjoy and find yourself in a positive work environment. 



Company vision

Back in 1974 Victor had a vision to create a company where people wanted to come to work and give it their all each day. Now, over 47 years later we are still going strong while also continuing to grow the business and become a more versatile company with so much to offer our employees and clients. It means a lot to us to have the ability to share with our customers the custom solutions that we are able to create with them in mind that they need for their home or any newly renovated bathroom remodel Delaware.

We pride ourselves in valuing the quality of our work over profits or turning over a large quantity of jobs. The high level of dedication and craftsmanship that we bring to each project is at the core of our success.  Whether you are looking for the best choice for bathroom remodel Delaware or are ready to renovate your current house into your dream home, give us a call! Through integrity, dedication, and commitment to our customers you will be thrilled with the end result! No matter how large we grow our commitment and quality that we provide to our customers will always remain the same. Read a couple of our google reviews from past customers then give us a call, we believe you will be 100% confident in your decision to use V Colbert and we guarantee your satisfaction!